Raver Kids

Raver Kids

60 x 30cm

Giclee print

Somerset Satin 330gsm

Mixed media




London raver kids lining up to get into the club, against a back drop of street art from Shoreditch.

The epitome of the rave generation was that colour & age were irrelevant, it was purely about the music.


Re-drawn Victorian children playing 'Oranges & Lemons' take on a new twist. London's best clubs, all within the sound of London's main churches. St Clements, St. Martins, Old Bailey, Shoreditch, Stepney, Bow.


Disco girl, Raver boy, Bo-ho chick, Ministry boy, Acid Granny & the Speed Queen kids at the end leading them to cross over into a night on the other side of the tracks.


Which one were you?



Textured fabrics, sequins, glitter balls & London street art photography breath extreme nostalgia into this print. May trigger head rushes & flash backs.  RAVE ON!