Ode to London

Ode to London

Ode to London 

80 x 50 cm

Unframed limited edition of 40




Giclée print on somerset enhanced paper 330gsm.

Vibrant colours, printed by Jealous Gallery, London.


Signed by the artist.


About the Picture


'Ode to London'. is a celebration of keystone Britons who have influenced the art, fashion & music worlds & their legacies, a cultural 'Where's Wally?' of London's 'epicness'.


Every person featured and where they are placed, tells a mini story within the image.

For example: British born Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor, lost, checking a map by the Thames and houses of Parliament. In front is the Camden street art by Trust Icon, of C. S Lewis' 'Alice in Wonderland' being warned by Victorian coppers for public drinking. Elizabeth Taylor famously battled with drink in her Hollywood 'wonderland'.  

David Bowie's iconic star man portrait, with his final black star on his chest and street artist, Fanakapan's 'star' balloons* floating in front of him. Bowie is also at the very centre of the piece on the black door. 
Flanked by London royalty, fashion royalty (Westwood) and music royalty (Freddie Mercury), Bowie is discreetly centre stage as overall King - for being an icon of fashion, music and art. 
*photographed on Star Yard, London.


I created this piece as a backlash to the confusion & chaos of Brexit. What lies ahead for London?


The vibrant streaks of colour, traveling through time, flank the central stage. Eyes drawn into a rich world of definite conversations bewteen, past present and future. 


History echoed in the architecture, characters and scenes within the piece, translate closely to surrounding characters, all asking the underlying question, "Where is London heading?" 


Kings Cross, The Royal Academy, The Houses of Parliament, The Roundhouse all set against the solid structure of Tate Modern. Fashionable Victorian dandies emerge looking not dissimilar to current trends, wearing Westwood & sporting Katharine Hamnett's Slogan 'Save Our Future'.




Kings Cross

Tate Modern

Jealous gallery

Walkie Talkie building

The Gherkin

The Shard

The London Eye


Houses of Parliament 

Royal Academy 


Oscar Wilde

Nick Grimshaw

Daphne Guiness

Rita Ora

Dizzee rascal

Tinnie Tempah

Sid Vicious

Countess of Devonshire - Thomas Gainsborough

Anna Laurini

Jean Shrimpton


Rocky Horror lIps / Tim Curry

Freddie Mercury 

Paloma Faith

Alexander McQueen




John Keats 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'

Thomas Burberry

Kate Moss

Cara Delevingne


Sex Pistols

The Who/ Mods

David & Victoria Beckham / Pegasus 


Purdy / Joanna Lumley

Mick Jagger


Michael Caine

Princess Diana

Naomi Campbell/ Kate Moss

Sean Connery/ Bond

Elton John 

Vivienne Westwood

Queen Elizabeth

Adam Ant

George Michael

Florence (Welch) & The Machine

Paul/ Stella/ Linda McCartney

Keith Harris

Boy George

Blur / Oasis

Amy Winehouse


George Michael

Freddie Mercury

Katherine Hamnett

Elizabeth Taylor

Alice in Wonderland / Trust Icon

Lulu Guiness

Grayson Perry

Bond/ Daniel Craig

Mary Quant

Chelsea Flower show

Beatles cover / Sir Peter Blake

Shark in formaldehyde - Damien Hirst